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"This book should be required reading for new donors and experienced philanthropists. Klein and Berrie have crafted a winning combination of practical guidelines and heartfelt personal accounts to create a moving call to action for anyone who wishes to give...
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Every one of us has experienced the joy of finding something where you least expect it. A couple of years back I was walking through the corridors of VidyaGyan with...
City Year UK
City Year UK challenges young people to tackle educational inequality through a year of intensive volunteering in schools. It's a year for 18 to 25-year-olds, from all backgrounds, to support children growing up in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country. Equally, it's also a year for our volunteers to realise their own aspirations.
Urszula Swierczynska - Fundraising/philanthropy advisory
Resource mobilisation consultant based in Milan, supporting organisations and individuals to grow their social impact ideas.
Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Paul Hamlyn Foundation was established by Paul Hamlyn in 1987. Upon his death in 2001, he left most of his estate to the Foundation, creating one of the largest independent grant-making foundations in the UK. Our mission is to help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives.

Stonewall is here to let all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, here and abroad, know they're not alone.  We believe we're stronger united, so we partner with organisations that help us create real change for the better.  We...

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Let’s say you have an idea, a really great idea. And not just any great idea – one that’s not only revolutionary to your industry, but it also has the...
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Our universe expanded to its current unimaginable size from a point of singularity. I am no cosmologist, so I can’t possibly go into the mind-boggling details of this process. However,...
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This year, leading international development charity, VSO, generated a total income of £81.2 million, up by 5.5% on £77 million in the previous year. According to VSO’s latest Annual Report,...
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The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) has published a new report, The Business Value of Impact Measurement , which outlines how impact measurement and management can generate business value for...