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You might find some of these reports useful. Some reports are held as PDF documents within the site and others link to other sites.

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"This book should be required reading for new donors and experienced philanthropists. Klein and Berrie have crafted a winning combination of practical guidelines and heartfelt personal accounts to create a moving call to action for anyone who wishes to give...
Expert opinion
By encouraging your clients’ millennial children to think about philanthropy now, you stand a better chance of keeping them as clients in the future. Over 90% of heirs will change...
European Foundation Centre (EFC) & the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society (FICS)
The European Foundation Centre (EFC) and the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society (FICS) have launched a paper which addresses the trend of closing civil society space, how it is impacting...
Philanthropy Impact Living Legacies Committee
The UK needs to create opportunities that encourage all who can afford it to give more. One mechanism that promises to be transformative in its potential to stimulate giving would...
The Philanthropy Workshop
TPW's “Going Beyond Giving" Report seeks to better understand high and ultra-high net worth philanthropists' motivations, actions, and practices. It is the first study to include a sample of TPW's...
The Shirley Foundation
1996-2016 Twenty Years of Grant Making - Autism and Information Technology An Overview of The Foundation’s Impact
Charities Aid Foundation
The CAF World Giving Index looks at how and why people around the world give to charity. In this, the eighth edition of the CAF World Giving Index, CAF have...
Expert opinion
When I set up my charitable foundation twenty years ago my aim was to be pioneering and disruptive in the two fields that I know and care about: information technology...
Tribe Impact Capital
Where does the word wealth come from? Tribe Impact Capital, the impact wealth managers, asked a simple question that quickly led to two much bigger ones: how has our relationship...
Expert opinion
Making a donation to a charity is an act of trust. Perhaps you care about protecting wild gorillas. You understand that you’re not in a position to quit your job,...