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Vincent Wildlife Trust
We are a wildlife conservation charity founded by the late Hon. (John) Vincent Weir to safeguard the future of mammals in Britain and Ireland.
A practical guide to planning and managing an impactful exit

Effective exit planning is crucial to sustain social impact in a project.

This EVPA guide proposes some guidance on how organisations can think ahead of time to plan an exit strategy from their investments, while best maintaining the social impact originally planned. An exit of funders in this field presents risks different and complex than the traditional field of investment and in its worst case, could threaten the survival of some social partners. 

Aperio Canada
Social entrepreneurialism has a long and vibrant history in Canada. This article addresses definition and outlines best practices for aspiring social enterprises and charities looking to expand their activities. It...
Social Investment Business

The Social Investment Business exists to raise and connect capital to achieve the maximum possible social impact in the UK....


The European Union is gradually developing a consensus on practical guidelines for Impact Measurement, in conjunction with the Social Enterprise Expert Group (GECES)....

Create Philanthropy
We help donors engage in thoughtful, effective and rewarding philanthropy. We take the legwork out of philanthropy, providing an independent and bespoke service to give you the reassurance of knowing your giving is having the greatest possible impact where it is needed most. We work with major donors to navigate the charitable sector and answer difficult questions of how to give and who to give to



Is Impact Investing really the miracle cure for societal problems? Can it really allow private sponsors and individuals to make money and save the world at the same time?...


A study by economists at the University of Southampton suggests that billionaires who have built their own fortunes are more likely to pledge to donate a large portion of their wealth to charities, than those w...