Getting ready for changing times: The Handbook

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Every day we have contact with professional advisers who have integrated philanthropy advice into their practices. The results are impressive, leading to much higher satisfaction and retention rates for these advisers., which is why we decided to create this Handbook. 

Women will inherit more than 70% of the money passed down; millennials are becoming the recipients of intergenerational transfer of wealth. The shifts in needs produces a new opportunity for professional advisory firms to add new skills and services to their offering. This handbook allows professional advisers to take advantage of these compelling opportunities.

Providing support to a client's philanthropic journey has proved to be of benefit to advisers.
For example, Philanthropy Impact's evidence-based research 1 demonstrates that philanthropy and social impact investment goals are a key driver for many UHNW clients' when managing their personal wealth. For advisers: 
  • There are increased opportunities to support succession planning and engage with the millennial generation - the most active group in philanthropy and social investment.
  • Providing this support brings more depth to the client/ adviser relationship.
In response to advisers' clients wanting more support on their philanthropic journey we have developed a training programme for advisers.
Advisers will:
  • Understand how to meet and recognise their clients' demands for philanthropic and social investment advice
  • Learn how to respond to their clients' demands for support on their philanthropic and social investment Journey
  • Lead their (U)HNW clients to better address their values­based economic and social goals
  • Support their (U)HNW clients better by providing a comprehensive and personalised approach to investment with the benefit of our evidence-based research
  • Develop opportunities for themselves and their firm because guiding clients on philanthropic giving and impact investing is good for the adviser's business. It results in higher client satisfaction and raised retention rates. 
We are pleased to support advisers as more and more start to respond to their changing client needs. We hope that this Handbook will help advisers meet those changing client needs and clients' demand for support on their philanthropic journey. 

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Registering to our training course will provide you a free access to this handbook. Access to the handbook can also be bought through the website.

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