The Training Handbooks

Every day we have contact with professional advisors who have integrated philanthropy advice into their practices. The results are impressive, leading to much higher satisfaction and retention rates for these advisers, which is why we decided to create handbooks for our training courses.

Women will inherit more than 70% of the money passed down; millennials are becoming the recipients of intergenerational transfer of wealth. The shifts in needs produces a new opportunity for professional advisory firms to add new skills and services to their offering. This handbook allows professional advisers to take advantage of these compelling opportunities.

We are pleased to support advisors as more and more start to respond to their changing client needs.
Each training course comes with a digital Training Handbook that comes with tips and case studies to support you implement the skills and knowledge you have gained from our course.

You can speak to a member of the team about how to access the handbook by clicking on the link below.

Registering to our training courses will provide you a free access to this handbook for 12 months. Access to the handbook can also be bought via the team. Members are provided with a discount. 

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