Training Course for Advisers

Providing Philanthropy and Social Investment Advice


“Humans are neither binary or rational; informed only by risk and return and at all times logical. Passions play a huge part in how we behave. Wealth and investment is also changing – we are entering a new paradigm where it is seen as a powerful tool to affect sustained and positive social change. Advisors need to embrace this and evolve to stay with the market and their clients”
AMY CLARKE, Co-Founder, Tribe Impact Capital LLP

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Changing Times

(U)HNWs’ private clients’ needs are changing. Research shows that they want more comprehensive and personalised support from their professional advisers (wealth management, tax, legal, independant financial advisers, family trusts, family offices, professional philanthropy advisers) to address their values-based economic and social goals.
Driven by millennials and women with wealth, the growing demand for philanthropy and social impact investment advice and support provides increased opportunities for professional advisory firms.
The Research
Philanthropy Impact’s evidence-based research (supported by Scorpio Partnership, CAF and other research) demonstrates:
  • Women will inherit more than 70% of the money passed down
  • Millennials are becoming the recipients of intergenerational transfer of wealth
  • Philanthropy and social impact investment goals are a key driver for many (U)HNW clients’ when managing their personal wealth
  • Philanthropy services given by advisers across all sectors are rated as poor: (average) 5.9 out of 10
  • Clients want more/better philanthropy advice, with guidance from their advisers
  • The shifting values of next gen and women of wealth is creating the need for a new kind of wealth management: greater engagement.

According to Scorpio Partnership Research one third of people interviewed said that they would like their adviser to better support their charitable activity.

The Charities Aid Foundation polled 1000 wealthy individual donors – 66% of those surveyed felt professional advisers could and should give them philanthropy advice.
  • Increased opportunities to support succession planning and engage with the millennial generation – the most active group in philanthropy and social investment
  • Bring more depth to the client/adviser relationship
  • Learn about a range of structuring and tax implications that depend on where and how an individual wishes to give
  • Understand how to meet and recognise your clients' demands for philanthropic and social investment advice
  • Learn how to respond to your clients' demands for support on their philanthropic and social investment Journey
  • Lead your (U)HNW clients to better address their values­based economic and social goals
  • Support your (U)HNW clients better by providing a comprehensive and personalised approach to investment with the benefit of our evidence-based research
  • Reflect the values of your clients in their portfolio and in their philanthropy and social investment activities
Learning Areas
The awareness of philanthropy and social impact investment is ever-increasing. Providing the appropriate professional advice and tools require a focused and knowledgeable approach.
By attending this half-day intensive workshop, advisers will gain an understanding of the commercial proposition for providing this service to their clients, develop their philanthropy and social impact investment knowledge, plus learn practical skills to better support clients’ expectations and needs.
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The next sessions will take place:
  • Thursday 2 May 2019