Cancer research funding—Navigating a competitive environment

What follows is a presentation of Tony Hickson, Chief Business Officer, Cancer Research UK and DR Maximilian Martin, Global Head of Philanthropy, Bank Lombard Odier & Co Lt, during an event organised by Philanthropy Impact 4 April 2019 about Cancer Research

Cancer research funding—Navigating a competitive environment

Event report

During the panel discussion Tony Hickson discussed the role of Cancer Research UK and described their philanthropy and impact investments as well as partnerships with investment funds and industry. 

Tony Hickson said: “I’m delighted to join Cancer Research UK at such an exciting time for the charity’s commercial development. I look forward to taking a lead role in the planned expansion of the charity’s commercialisation activity, building a hub for strategic research innovation, welcoming new partners and strengthening our relationships with industry.”

Dr Maximilian Martin Described Lombard Odier’s journey to supporting innovative approaches to cancer research including his leading an 18-month feasibility study on establishing an innovative investment vehicle to invest in fast-tracking solutions in the cancer space with Cancer Core Europe, which includes Cambridge Cancer Centre – this inspired by recent progress in the fields of oncology, philanthropy and impact investment. 

Dr Maximilian Martin serves as Lombard Odier’s Global Head of Philanthropy. He is also the founder of Impact Economy, and a visiting lecturer at the University of St. Gallen. Over the past 18 months, he has led a feasibility study to assess the viability of an innovative financing vehicle to fast track European technology and innovation to fight cancer by leveraging Cancer Core Europe, the network of Europe’s seven leading cancer research institutions.