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20 Jan 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Philanthropy Impact





Corporate philanthropy is designed to achieve a societal end while meeting the corporate goals. 

Speakers at this event will discuss how it is possible for a business to achieve meaningful growth, maximise profitability, drive innovation, and at the same time, address some of the most important societal challenges facing communities.  It will address the doing good vs. preventing harm issues and risks.

We will explore the different approaches to corporate philanthropy, the changing role of corporate social responsibility and the making of philanthropy a crucial aspect of corporate culture, impact investing, and the role of corporate foundations in driving a positive change in society — achieving the SDGs. 

During Episode 25 of Philanthropy Impact’s Walk in my shoes series, we discussed different approaches to corporate philanthropy and the role of corporate foundations.

Join us and go deeper into the topic including trends and the use of digital technology. 

Opportunities to interact with the speakers during the discussion are encouraged.

Opportunities and challenges will be also addressed such as issues around governance, decision-making, integration and alignment with the business, mutual influencing, risk, and public perception as it pertains to the role of corporate foundations.

CPD   60 minutes (1 hour) self-certified CPD points

Chair: Martin Short, Former Chief Executive Officer, The Power of Nutrition 

Panel: Anthony Donatelli, Head of Philanthropy Services UK, UBS; Louise Downing, Founder, BizGive and Fokko Wientjes, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, Royal DSM.

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