Cross - Border Giving: Essential Knowledge for Professional Advisers

Trends, Opportunities, Issues and Implications of transnational giving

Cross - Border Giving: Essential Knowledge for Professional Advisers

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18 Sep 2019 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
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BDB Pitmans LLP, 50 Broadway, Westminster, London SW1H 0BL
Philanthropy Impact

Opportunities and structures for transnational giving for an adviser’s wealthy clients is growing and is becoming more complicated.

Multiple tax regimes, differing regulatory environments, and various structures such as DAFs are part of a complex environment professional advisers and their clients must navigate. This is compounded with the risks associated with philanthropic giving, these risks including differing cultures, and regulatory and political systems.

Within Europe giving is facilitated by Transnational Giving Europe, a major way of making tax deductible cross border giving in Europe. This process will be discussed and implications of Brexit will be explored.
Off shore activity in such places as Jersey is expanding and its potential as a competitor to London as a centre for (U) HNWI and their families to base their wealth and foundations will be examined - this especially important as the number of international philanthropists is growing. Is the UK and more specifically London ready? Are the barriers or incentives that may sway philanthropists when deciding whether to base their foundations here in place?

In addition to the above the panel, composed of European and North American transnational giving experts as well as legal and tax, will outline opportunities and risks – addressing issues related to regulatory regimes, structures of giving, cultural differences and approach to due diligence.

The number of wealthy individuals with an interest in international giving is increasing. More and more they are seeking advice and support from their professional advisers. It is essential that advisers are up to date on international giving, best practice, tax and legal implications, and how to manage risks and achieve impact.

Chair: Darshita Gillies, Founder and CEO, Maanch

Panel: Ludwig Forrest , Philanthropy Advisor, King Baudouin Foundation's Centre for Philanthropy

          Jonathan Brinsden, Partner, BDB Pitmans LLP

         Iain Younger, Director, Frank Hirth

        Anna Josse, CEO and Founder, Prism the Gift Fund


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