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17 Nov 2015 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
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49 Queen's Gate Terrace, London, SW7 5PN
Philanthropy Impact
How may we increase the philanthropy and social investment that is essential if we are to sustain civil society for future generations?
The Prime Minister leads a “One Nation” government. There is, however, a particular challenge that politicians rarely address. As the state retreats, demands upon the voluntary sector will increase. Charitable giving, however, remains stagnant and has not grown in relative terms despite a phenomenal increase in personal wealth in the UK since 1980.
How, in the context of increasing global inequality and the prospect that future generations may not be as prosperous as ours, do we ensure that the young inherit the civil society we enjoy and, perhaps, take for granted? How do we persuade people to invest in the common good, a concept that has become unfashionable since the fall of the Berlin Wall? What should be the balance in the conflict of interest between the individual and society? How do we persuade everyone that that they have a responsibility to sustain civil society and that rights come with duties. How must charities adapt and change to meet increasing demand? How do we revive the spirits of both enterprise and philanthropy that was endemic in Victorian times without returning to the poverty and squalor that blighted the nineteenth century?
Chair: Sir Vernon Ellis, Chair of the British Council
Panel: John Nickson, Campaigner for Philanthropy, Author; Rory Brooks, Founding Partner, MML Capital Partners; Dawn Austwick, Chief Executive, Big Lottery Fund; Lucy Blythe, Director, Philia International
This event is developed in partnership with The Philanthropy Company and John Nickson.
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