The Philanthropy Programme - Core Components of a Professional Philanthropy Advisory Practice

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The Philanthropy Programme - Core Components of a Professional Philanthropy Advisory Practice

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13 May 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Philanthropy Impact and STEP
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Reinforcing your role as a trusted advisor - becoming the first call for advice

The current situation means that we are living in a radically altered environment. Investing and the role that philanthropy plays has taken on a new dimension for many impact investors. Rather than being seen as an afterthought, philanthropy is increasingly becoming a core part of an investment strategy, and an essential catalyst for systemic and sustainable change - the ultimate goal of any socially minded investor.

Professional advisors can play an essential role helping to guide and facilitate philanthropic giving to achieve greater levels of client satisfaction.

What types of advice clients are looking for, based on the current philanthropy climate and trends? Are advisors prepared to respond to emerging clients’ needs?

We will explore what questions clients are increasingly asking their advisors. 


Clients seeking help from their advisors with their philanthropic activities has doubled in the past few years. What has not changed is the 6 out of 10 rating advisors’ clients give them for the support on their donor journey. Join us to learn what it takes to be rated 10 out of 10.

During the discussion, we will highlight the perspectives of both advisors and clients, and panelists will examine how advisors can prepare (in addition to their normal activities and general services) to support their clients:

  • By identifying the need to provide this support to clients – the commercial opportunity
  • By exploring how to raise the subject of philanthropy and frame the conversation for the client
  • In having meaningful discussions with their clients on matters related to their philanthropic and social impact investment journey

Chair - George King IV: Partner, MASECO Private Wealth
Panel - Jo Bateson, Partner, KPMG;  Cath Dovey, Co-founder of the Beacon Collaborative
Other speakers to be confirmed.

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8:00 Los Angeles, Vancouver
11:00 Toronto, New York
15:00 GMT/UTC
16:00 London
17:00 Paris, Berlin

Duration - 1 hour
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Professional advisers, philanthropists, social investors, trusts and foundations