The Philanthropy Programme - The Future Philanthropy Client - Navigating the Differences Across the Generations

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The Philanthropy Programme - The Future Philanthropy Client - Navigating the Differences Across the Generations

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30 Jun 2020 - 9:30am to 10:30am
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Philanthropy Impact and STEP
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Attention is being focussed on the next generation of social impact investors – Millennials. They will benefit from one of the most significant transfers of wealth that history has seen; but such wealth transfer between generations is not without its issues. Generational opinion may differ as to how social impact investment efforts should
progress as a result.

With clients standing to be from a range of generations, professional advisors must be able to understand and support the perspectives of all members of the family in order to meet client needs. Getting to grips with generational differences is essential in retention of 'trusted advisor' roles spanning the generations. For professional advisors to build a constructive dialogue with the next generation, it is key that they understand their version of an end-to-end donor journey; what drives their investment choices in comparison with their parent’s generation, and the ultimate desired end relationship between themselves as a (Millennial donor) and their chosen charity.

How should the next generation be supported differently in their donor journey? How are Millennials engaging with philanthropy in comparison to the previous Baby Boomer and Gen X generations? Could they need a new kind of wealth management? In this event, panellists will discuss the different methods of working with Millennials and how to support them on their philanthropic and social impact investment journey.

As a professional advisor, understanding the dynamics and influences at play between different generations determines an important aspect of your role in client practice. Panel discussion points will include:
  • The professional advisor's role in managing the transition of wealth across generations
  • How to meet the multi-generational needs of clients for greater engagement in their social impact journey
  • Documented generational differences and trends in giving generation of philanthropists as clients
  • The challenge for the industry in accessing the next
  • How advisors can meet their clients' needs in this time of inter-generational handover

Chair: Rennie Hoare, Partner and Head of Philanthropy, C. Hoare & Co.

Panellists: Myriam Vander Elst, Chief Engagement Officer, Epic Foundation
                 Darshita Gillies, Founder and CEO, Maanch

08:30 GMT/UTC
09:30 London
10:30 Paris, Berlin
12:30 Abu Dhabi
14:00 New Delhi
16:30 Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Perth, Singapore
18:30 Sydney

Duration: 1 hour

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