The Philanthropy Programme - Risk and Reward with Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurism

WEBINAR - A live webinar accessible by web (both for audio and visuals) from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Throughout discussion and in a designated session towards the end, attendees will have the opportunity to ask live questions of the speakers.

The Philanthropy Programme - Risk and Reward with Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurism

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16 Sep 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
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The recovery stage from the current crisis represents a challenge but also an opportunity for professional advisors supporting their clients on their philanthropy and social impact journey. Learn about the current market trends and how this push for support is now coming from clients e.g. 67% of wealthy respondents said they would be likely to consult a professional advisor if they were making a major gift (Beacon Collaborative Report).

How can professional advisors work with their clients to help them to articulate their goals and motivations, not only to set philanthropic and impact investment objectives but to navigate the complexity of giving and social investing? What are the barriers to achieving this and how can they be addressed?

There are multiple approaches to supporting social entrepreneurism, to include taking entrepreneurial business approaches to solving a societal problem.

Speakers will get advisors thinking about:
  • The implications of emergent, strategic and transformative philanthropy and social impact investment
  • The innovative opportunities to be impactful and their risks
  • How measurement and impact investing strategies can be helpful in addressing client goals and motivations
  • How to understand client goals and motivations
  • How measuring impact can be helpful in addressing these
  • How risk can be identified and managed effectively, including reputation management issues
During this event, panellists will discuss some of the challenges facing organisations, philanthropists and social impact investors and their professional advisors, and social entrepreneurs, when trying to adopt innovative approaches or solutions, and the connections between philanthropy, innovation, and entrepreneurship and how professional advisors can add value to their discussions with their clients.
Chair: James Maloney, Partner, Farrer & Co
Ian Frith, Advancement, London Business School
Grant Gordon, Philanthropist and Social Entrepreneur
Nigel Kershaw OBE, Chair, Big Issue Group
Catherine Grum, Family Office Adviser

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