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Millennials and women of wealth: Creating a better world

Autumn 2018

Millennials and women of wealth: Creating a better world


This magazine explores the issue of millennials and woman and how they engage in philanthropic giving today. In this issue of the magazine, professional wealth advisers, millennial and female philanthropists and social/impact investors, thought leaders and academics reflect on how the younger generations are changing the face of philanthropy and social investment around the world and the opportunities this can provide to professional advisers willing to take the necessary steps to meet their needs.

Magazine contents

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Retaining and recruiting millennials and women of wealth as clients – a first step for advisers There are many reasons why this issue of the Philanthropy Impact Magazine is focused...
Magazine article
You requested ‘an article that demonstrated the importance of women of wealth’ for your next issue. I do not have time for a full article at this time, but here...
Magazine article
There’s no doubt that global philanthropy is on the rise with individuals, families and businesses increasingly wanting to make a difference to society in a structured manner. In the UK...
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The relationship between wealth and philanthropy is a subtle one. Aristotle may have described wealth as ‘whatever money can buy’, but that is not how we view it today. Wealth...
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Following this summer’s football World Cup, the young French footballer Kylian Mbappé won plaudits1 for donating his World Cup earnings to charity. In the euphoria surrounding the England national football...
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Given the potential effect on financial advisers’ businesses, there is great interest in the trends of philanthropy and social and impact investment and how different generations approach them. Differences certainly...

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