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Impacting investing: trends, issues and capabilities

Summer 2019

Impacting investing: trends, issues and capabilities


This issue of our Magazine explores Impact investing and socially responsible investment strategies that are pursuing societal impact. 

Magazine contents

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To understand what social investment is, it’s important to go back to its start. In the beginning there was Ronnie (Sir Ronald Cohen), who having masterminded the 2008 Dormant Bank...
Magazine article
Potential impact investors are being inundated with articles telling them how to define impact in their investment portfolios and philanthropic programmes. This is confusing at best and off-putting at worst...
Magazine article
There are three big ways in which private resources can be harnessed for meeting societal needs: through charitable giving and philanthropy, through corporate social responsibility programmes and through the latest...
Magazine article
In 2013, there were between 80 and 100 venture philanthropy participants in Europe that provided approximately €278 million to increase social impact throughout the world.1 However, the European Venture Philanthropy...
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A growing number of philanthropists are exploring innovative ways to maximise the value of their donations by making social impact investments from a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) account. A subset...
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In 2018, Chance for Childhood, an international children’s charity, embarked on a journey to test alternative routes to financing bigger impact and better outcomes for some of the most vulnerable...

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