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Call for Articles
An invitation to write an article for
The Next Philanthropy Impact Magazine Issue 24 (Autumn 2020)

What Kind of Society Do We Want To Build?

What is the ‘new normal’ for professional advisors, philanthropists, social investors and impact investors?
What is being destroyed and what can be created to replace what is being destroyed?
What are some of the innovations/new practices that may be considered?



Articles should address the theme from the author’s perspective, or an author may propose an alternative topic within the theme for this edition. It is important to hear from professional advisors (private client advisers, wealth management, private banking, independent financial advice, tax and legal sectors), as well as philanthropists, social investors, impact investors, trusts and foundations, and other key stakeholders.

When published, the magazine has an initial exposure to our contact list (11,000+) composed of professional advisors, philanthropists, social investors, impact investors, trusts and foundations, and charities.

By 1 September 2020 please email John Pepin at with your suggested topic prior to writing the article. The ideal article length is around 1,000 words. The deadline to submit an article is 15 September 2020.

The global pandemic raised several economic, societal, and political issues but could also represent a good time for a self-reflection on what we could do to support the transformative challenges that the world is facing. Income inequality, racial equity, climate change, digital technology changes, and poverty are just some of the critical issues that we need to face over the upcoming years, and philanthropy and social and impact investment could serve as a force for the construction of a better society.

In this edition of the magazine we will be asking what is the role of philanthropy, social investment and impact investing in addressing the issues related to COVID-19 recovery, rebuild, and beyond stages? How can entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and social investors, and impact investors address these issues and develop solutions that are transformative, innovative, and entrepreneurial?

For some background information please see Episode 13 of Philanthropy Impact’s Walk in my shoes series - What kind of society do we want to build. Speakers : John Pepin, CEO, Philanthropy Impact, Natasha Mueller, Social Impact Investor, James Maloney, Partner, Farrer & Co, John Spiers, Chairman, EQ Investors and Martin Short, CEO, The Power of Nutrition.

Key questions that may be addressed
1. After the initial months of lockdown and addressing the immediate needs of COVID-19 and the recovery stage, what is next? What is the new normal or is it back to the old normal?

2. We are already seeing the force for good that philanthropy can be in uncertain times, enabling swift pivots in a charity’s direction in response, and enabling new initiatives to flourish but can it alone be the answer to the recovery and beyond? Or is now the time to be bold/innovative - does the discussion need to focus more on the role of the wealthy and government in the recovery and beyond stages as a whole not just with their philanthropy but including socially conscious investing and businesses giving back to their communities?

3. According to research in July by Pro Bono Economics, the coronavirus crisis will trigger a £6.4bn loss of income for charities over the next six months - Are funders addressing issue related to the possible closing of 50% of the charities? Will this pandemic impact charities and their financial sustainability? What are the risks and societal implications?

4. Climate change, income inequality, racial equity, digital technology changes, migration and poverty are some of the critical issues that our society need to face over the upcoming years.

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