Charities urged to harness donors in new report

Charities urged to harness donors in new report


The 21st Century Donor, a new report by nfpSynergy, highlights trends, and makes predictions and recommendations about the tactics modern charities could make to attract donations from an increasingly wealthy but demanding public.

The not-for-profit think tank did qualitative and quantitative research amongst donors of all ages, over the last five years; and spoke to a host of sector experts, and has developed a Ten Point Plan to harness the 21st Century Donor. This includes points on how charities can fundraise more effectively by making donors stakeholders.

Philanthropy UK DirectorSusan Mackenzie is quoted saying, “The new philanthropists, who are choosing to give during their lifetime, want to be engaged in their giving. They don’t want to just write a cheque and, especially if it’s a significant cheque, they want to also give their expertise, to be involved.”

A free full copy of the report is available on nfpSynergy website.