GlobalGiving launches campaign to improve access to healthcare

GlobalGiving launches campaign to improve access to healthcare

News is partnering with four international development charities to promote awareness about the lack of access to healthcare in developing countries and to raise funds for healthcare projects.

The campaign will enable donors to give to four specific projects that are each run by an international development charity.

The Haiti Hospital Appeal aims to address the need for health facilities to serve 800,000 people in dire conditions in north Haiti. VSO is working with community-based healthcare services in Uganda to address issues of malnutrition and preventable diseases. Tran Tanz provides transportation for people in Tanzania, where most live more than 50 km from any healthcare. Riders for Health works in the poorest regions of Western Kenya to mobilise healthcare providers from grassroots organisations.

Donors will receive regular project updates.

Rachel Smith, Head of NGO Partnerships at, said, “These four partner organisations all have different models of working but are all united by the same concern: that people are still unable to access healthcare in many parts of the world. This innovative campaign brings charities together and shows how, in partnership, awareness about a particular issue can be jointly driven.”

The US GlobalGiving website has raised over $12m (£6.9m) for grassroots projects. The UK website launched in September.