A Guide to Giving 3rd edition published next week

A Guide to Giving 3rd edition published next week


The third edition of A Guide to Giving, the essential handbook for anyone wanting to give effectively, will be published next week with new topics, including family business and philanthropy. It will provide a valuable and up-to-date resource for all philanthropists.

Published by Philanthropy UK with the continued support of private bank Coutts & Co, A Guide to Giving is the essential resource for both philanthropists and their advisors, and has set the benchmark for inspirational, practical and objective guidance to help donors get started in philanthropy.

David P Coombe of the Coombe Trust says about the second edition, "With no exceptions, A Guide to Giving is the most useful and insightful publication that I have ever possessed. It is an absolute boon for me in my charity work."

The Guide features a ‘Framework for effective giving’ which provides a step-by-step process for creating a charitable giving strategy that will reflect each donor’s unique interests, circumstances and objectives, while a comprehensive resource introduces the growing and wide range of charitable services and products to help UK donors give more effectively.

Topics in the third edition reflect the evolved and sophisticated approach donors are taking in their giving. New chapters include charity impact evaluation, community development finance, donor advised funds and sustainable finance; all written by experts in the field.

Profiles of both new and experienced philanthropists, including Sir Ian Wood, Stanley Fink and John Wates, engage readers in the journey of giving.

The Guide will be available free of charge online and as a downloadable document.