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International Charitable Giving

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The idea that charitable giving is a simple matter compared with making money has been attacked by international philanthropists and entrepreneurs from Andrew Carnegie to Bill Gates.

Perhaps philanthropy is never more complicated than when it crosses borders. But donors increasingly want to have an international impact. “Even if charity begins at home, the days when it remained at home, if they ever existed, are now long gone,” says the preface to International Charitable Giving (OUP, November 2012).

Amongst many considerations, donors who wish to have a transformative impact across the world must abide by the legal systems of individual countries.

This comprehensive guide to cross-border charitable giving, edited by Clive Cutbill, Alison Paines and Murray Hallam, is an accessible, reliable and up-to-date work of reference.

Written by a team of experts from around the world, International Charitable Giving provides a detailed and much-needed treatment of the interaction between the various legal systems at play in this complicated area of the law. By untangling the many issues facing practitioners, it facilitates clear and comprehensive advice to donors and recipients alike.

The book isn’t only useful to lawyers, accountant and wealth advisors. Co-editor Paines, head of the charities and philanthropy team at Withers Worldwide, says: Fundraisers might not need to know the legal intricacies of international giving, but they do need to be able to talk intelligently to sophisticated donors. Charities, especially big ones, cannot afford to be insular in their outlook."

The book provides a comprehensive picture of the most important issues relevant to charitable giving and philanthropy worldwide, including taxation, issues surrounding money laundering and terrorist financing, and the role of the offshore charity. The book includes a range of chapters on specific national legal systems, from Bermuda to Scotland, and Israel to Hong Kong, as well as a chapter on Islamic Law.

Co-editor Clive Cutbill, a consultant at Withers, says: "The world is becoming smaller and people want to give and raise funds in different jurisdictions. This book will be relevant for professional advisers, family offices, academics and governments, as well as charities."

International Charitable Giving is available from Oxford University Press and Philanthropy Impact subscribers can get a 20% discount by using this code: ALAUTH6

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