New CSR service to link charities and business launched

New CSR service to link charities and business launched


A new free service has been launched to help charities and community groups to get business involvement in the form of resources, skills, manpower, and knowledge.

The CSR Register aims to get hundreds of charity projects completed every year by connecting projects, skills, and resource needs with companies seeking interesting and challenging projects in which to participate. The service allows projects and challenges to be listed on the UK’s first national listing, which businesses can search by location, duration, numbers of people involved, resources, and charity cause.

The service allows businesses to choose projects for a group to undertake and helps companies choose the right project by a variety of criteria including location, cause, type of project and budget indications.

The service is free to charities, and for businesses a subscription fee of £175 will help the register fund all interactions with charities and provide businesses with a search facility. To learn more about the CSR Register visit their website.