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New philanthropy research network launched

New philanthropy research network launched


Around 20 university-based researchers from the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Belgium met at Vrije University in Amsterdam on 17th January. The purpose of the gathering was to exchange information on the current sources of data on philanthropy and to discuss the need for a European-wide comparative study of charitable giving.

The quantity and quality of data varied considerably; the Dutch hosts proved fortunate in having access to 15 years of information from their Giving in the Netherlands survey, whilst  other countries acknowledged that they only knew how many people gave but nothing about the size of donations or causes supported.

The meeting ended with a decision to launch the European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) which will produce its first publication in the Spring, based on a review of giving research in the participating countries. The long-term aim of ERNOP is to produce a regular report on 'Giving Europe'.