New Wealth and Philanthropy report from Philanthropy UK

New Wealth and Philanthropy report from Philanthropy UK


More wealthy individuals are giving and are seeking professional advice to help them to give effectively.

Wealth and Philanthropy: the views of those who advise the rich, a report published by Philanthropy UK this week, is based on a survey of advisors to high-net-worth individuals, and builds on our 2002 research published in Why Rich People Give, which was the first major British study into giving by the wealthy.

Five years on, the new research also reveals that more wealthy people are giving during their lifetime, rather than waiting to leave a legacy in their will. It is also clear that donors of all wealth levels are very concerned about the effectiveness and efficiency with which charities use their money.

The research findings provide a real basis for optimism,” said Susan Mackenzie, Director of Philanthropy UK, and the report’s author. “Givers are increasingly informed and engaged, which leads to more effective uses of their money. The challenge now is to accelerate these trends. Advisors, government, charities and the media all have their part to play.”

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