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Online giving community launches CSR solution

Online giving community launches CSR solution


Online community ammado has added two new programmes to allow companies to engage clients and employees in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The Employee Giving Programme will allow companies to give their employees a set amount to donate to non-profit organisations that are part of the programme. Employees can also invite new non-profit organisations to take part.

The Customer Giving Programme will allow companies to issue vouchers to clients and customers who can choose which of the non-profit organisations they would like to support. Over 3000 non-profit organisations use ammado.

Dr. Anna Kupka, founder and director of ammado, said, “Traditional corporate giving means that management decides how corporate funds are distributed. We wanted to bring it back to the individual level of the employee or customer and let them decide which causes they want to support.”

Companies who use either giving programme can create an online community of those involved in their giving. Any employees and customers who give through ammado are invited to be ‘friends’ of the company who facilitates their gift.