Private equity community is target of new venture philanthropy guide

Private equity community is target of new venture philanthropy guide

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A practical guide aimed at individuals and private equity firms interested in getting involved in venture philanthropy has been published by The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA).  

A Guide to Venture Philanthropy for Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors, written by Ashley Metz Cummings and Lisa Hehenberger and published by the EVPA’s Knowledge Centre, a hub for knowledge and thought leadership on venture philanthropy (VP), identifies strategies and supports them with best practice examples for individuals and private equity firms wanting to become involved or find partners.

Serge Raicher, chairman and co-founder of EVPA says: “Venture capital and private equity professionals have a long tradition of philanthropic engagement. In fact the rise of the European venture philanthropy movement and EVPA has been wholeheartedly supported by the private equity industry. This new research highlights the ways in which VC and PE professionals can apply some of their day-to-day skills toward achieving a significant social impact."

The report, the third of three, acknowledges the profound changes in the philanthropy and social investment sectors.

The report says: “These changes are occurring as new stakeholders, such as the VC and PE community, approach philanthropy more actively, and existing stakeholders, including foundations and wealthy individuals, investigate new strategies. Venture capitalists and others from the business world have begun to take a more engaged interest in philanthropy, bringing along skills and techniques, contributing to the development of new models of giving and using the term VP to describe them. The number of grant-making bodies10 run by the largest PE firms in Europe has more than doubled in the past five years. Additionally, individuals from the PE community have started many of the existing European venture philanthropy (VP) organisations.”

 To view this publication, and the first two Establishing a Venture Philanthropy Organisation in Europe, and Strategies for Foundations: When, why and how to use Venture Philanthropy” visit the  EVPA Knowledge Centre.

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