Social campaigning is critical for charities

Social campaigning is critical for charities


New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) has released a report which encourages donors and charities to fund social campaigning.

Critical masses: Social campaigning, a guide for donors and funders argues that well-planned campaigns can have long-lasting impact. The report aims to counter the concerns of some donors by arguing that social campaigning produces tangible results that can be measured. The authors say that campaigning is a poorly-funded area of work that allows charities to tackle the root-causes of social problems, and that this is often very effective.

Gustaf Lofgren, a research analyst and NPC and co-author of the report, said, “Good campaigns have clear goals, an explicit idea of how to reach them, and tools for measuring what they achieve.”

NPC gives examples of a range of social campaigning including lobbying, letter writing, public demonstrations, protests and advertising campaigns.

The report is available to download from the NPC website.