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Social media campaigns prompt one third of charity supporters to donate

Social media campaigns prompt one third of charity supporters to donate

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Almost a third of UK charity supporters say that social media campaigns have inspired them to give, according to the Give as you Live Donor Survey report, published on 8th March. 

Interaction with charities via social media is high; 50% of respondents follow their favourite charities on Facebook and 20% follow them on Twitter. Although a key source of inspiration, social media is still not viewed as a main channel for donations. Less than 10% of respondents felt confident around the security of how their details would be handled through social media channels.

Polly Gowers, founder and CEO of Give as you Live, an online platform that turns everyday internet shopping into cash for charities, said: “It’s clear that in our multichannel world one of the many challenges any organisation faces is where to focus their resources. Our aim with our on-going research is to help charities by highlighting the best channels to communicate to their growing number of digital donors.

Give as you Live has identified six distinct digital donor profiles, from 8,000 respondents to the survey, to provide charities with insights on their online audience. The digital donors identified, and explored in detail within the report, are:

  • Family man Clive: 8% of respondents – Occasionally uses text and online sponsorship sites
  • Wealthy professional Jacqueline: 15% of respondents – Regularly sponsors via online giving sites
  • Affluent oldie Margaret: 13% of respondents – Donates most via Direct Debit
  • Comfortable families Marie: 31% of respondents – Heavy online shopper, uses Give as you Live
  • Single young starter Neil: 18% of respondents – Most likely to give via text
  • Squeezed families Rachel: 8% of respondents – Very engaged on Facebook

Additionally, 90% of our digital donors claimed to regularly shop online, and 31% of digital donors have used platforms like Give as you Live to raise funds when shopping online. 

Give as you Live works when a shopper either shops through the site or installs the browser extension. Give as you Live will then automatically direct a percentage of every eligible online purchase (made from thousands of participating retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, and Harrods) towards any UK charity of the shopper’s choice. The funds come from the retailers’ marketing budget, at no extra cost to the shopper.

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