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Philanthropy Impact Employee Vacancy

Manager,Training and Development
 Applications are being acccepted until Friday, September 13, 2019. 
Summary Job Description
The Manager’s purpose is to support the achievement of Philanthropy Impact’s vision to increase philanthropy and social investment – more and better.
Philanthropy Impact is charity that has been delivering services to professional advisers, philanthropists, social investors, trusts, foundations and charities since 1998. The organisation’s services aim to support advisers in their work providing:
  • Knowledge and resources covering best practice philanthropy and social investment
  • Learning events, seminars and training 
  •  Networking 
  • Reports and analysis
  • Advocacy/campaigning for philanthropy and social investment
The Manager is responsible for the successful implementation and growth of the adviser training programme and for membership development.  This position works closely with the Chief Executive and the Communications and Events Officer – responsible for preparing professional advisers to meet their changing client needs further developing and testing the training programme, its curriculum, content, and a delivery approach for advisers; marketing and sales; keeping the handbook to support professional advisers up-to-date; and roll out a comprehensive training course aimed at professional advisers across the UK. The tasks also includes supporting the Campaign for Growing Modern Philanthropy and membership development, recruitment and retention.
Some national and international travel will be necessary as well as evening work when the organisation runs events. 
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Marketing of the training programme to professional advisers and to professional advisory firms and for membership recruitment and retention; including planning, designing the marketing materials and the use of social media.
2. Client relations/management including sales, creating bespoke training development to meet Philanthropy Impact training client needs.
3. Managing the delivery of professional adviser training.
4. Responsible for reporting and impact evaluation for the training and membership programme and adjusting as appropriate.
5. Recruiting and training trainers to expand the programme.
6. Overseeing the budget and operations related to the training and membership 
7. Recruiting sponsors.
8. Develop strategic partnership that helps promote the organisation and its vision/mission as well as help with revenue generation.
9. Overseeing projects assigned to external consultants, such as the Accreditation project. 
10. Working with Philanthropy Impact staff, Board Committees and Board as appropriate.
11. Additional duties assigned from time to time.


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