The 21st Century Potential of Constituency Voice (2009)

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David Bonbright, David Campbell and Linda Nguyen. London: Keystone, March 2009.

This report, authored by David Bonbright of Keystone Accountability, David Campbell of Binghamton University (USA), and Linda Nguyen of the Alliance for Children and Families USA, argues that human services organisations should make better use of feedback. It suggests that the for-profit marketplace has benefited from taking customer satisfaction seriously, and notes that non-profits are willing in principle to do likewise, but often find implementation difficult. This report aims to ease that process by outlining key recommendations for improving the utilisation of feedback from social projects, sharing findings from an ongoing learning and innovation project on the human services sector in the US and providing learning which deepens understanding of the challenges of ensuring that feedback improves project impact. It concludes with recommendations for enhancing feedback mechanisms and opportunities for increasing and sharpening the utilisation of feedback data across multiple purposes by agencies and funders.

  • Impact measurement
  • Trusts & foundations
  • Understanding philanthropy