Your Chance to Change the World: The no-fibbing guide to social entrepreneurship (2008)

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Craig Dearden-Phillips London: Directory of Social Change in association with the School for Social Entrepreneurs, April 2008. 176pp. Paperback. ISBN 978-1-903991-93-0 £14.95

The author, a successful and award-winning social entrepreneur, says this is the book that he wishes had been available when he embarked on his first social enterprise. It draws on the experience of 25 social entrepreneurs and provides inspiration and encouragement to potential change-agents, as well as more prosaic advice including how to write a business plan and keep on top of finances. Written in a lively and honest style – the failure of some of Dearden-Phillips projects are discussed upfront – this book is a practical guide for people feeling the urge to take action but in need of a helping hand to get started.

  • Inspirational donations
  • Philanthropy stats & trends
  • Social investment
  • Strategy advice