Giving Well, Doing Good (2008)

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Amy A. Kass (editor) Bloomington, Indianapoliss: Indiana University Press, April 2008. 520pp. Cloth. ISBN 978-0-253-21955-8. $19.95

This book is a sequel-of-sorts to Kass’ highly successful first edited anthology of writings about philanthropy, ‘The Perfect Gift’, which gained sales outside the usual academic audience. This volume includes a selection of readings from the classics to the contemporary, and its breadth encompasses political speeches, foundation documents and the words of poets and novelists. The extracts are organised within five themes: goals and intentions; gifts, donors, recipients; bequests and legacies, effectiveness, accountability; and philanthropic leadership. It is the sort of book that can be dipped into for inspiration and stimulation.

  • Charity selection
  • Giving networks / circles
  • Inspirational donations
  • Philanthropy Advice
  • Strategy advice
  • Understanding philanthropy