Digital Giving: How technology is changing charity (2007)

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Richard C. McPherson Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, 2007. 108pp. Paperback. ISBN 978-0-595-44255-3. $13.95

The UK’s fundraising guru, Ken Burnett, says of this book, “I’ve seen the future; it’s previewed in Digital Giving. You can either be scared or ignorant of what’s coming, or learn how to love and use it”. This book is obviously aimed at people who choose the latter option, helping charity leaders to understand and harness the potential of new technologies to increase their income. It is written in a highly accessible, if obviously pro-geeky, style. The reader is warned that technology “never turns back” and that they need to know the answers to two key questions: what are the big technology trends affecting charity and how can organisations embrace them to increase public support? For anyone who feels they need to know the answers to those questions, an hour or so reading this book could do the trick.

  • Digital Giving
  • Philanthropy stats & trends
  • Understanding philanthropy