A life less ordinary: People with autism, a guide for donors & funders (2007)

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Adrian Fradd and Iona Joy London: New Philanthropy Capital, September 2007. 96pp, paperback, (also available as a free downloadable PDF), ISBN 978-0-9553148-8-9. £22.50

New Philanthropy Capital’s recently published report A life less ordinary explores the issues surrounding autism and the lives of the people it affects. The report suggests practical ways donors can help, from funding innovative research to helping children learn skills to cope with the difficult transition to adulthood. We highlight charities changing the lives of people with autism, including:

  • Research Autism, which funds research into improving the quality of life for people with autism. Recently, the charity developed a screening instrument for use in prisons to identify inmates who may have autism and need specialist support.
  • Prior’s Court, which runs a residential school for children with autism. Each child has a personalised time-table of activities, which is adapted as they grow older to increase their independence and vocational skills.

  • Charity selection
  • Impact measurement
  • Strategy advice