Beyond Success: Building a personal, financial and philanthropic legacy (2007)

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Randy Ottinger New York: McGraw-Hill Professional, September 2007. 320pp. Hardback. ISBN 978-0-0714-9676-6, £15.99

Beyond Success is a guide that aims to assist individuals with the achievement of a meaningful and lasting financial, philanthropic, and generational family legacy. The author combines his personal experiences in both the financial and philanthropic fields with extensive research that draws on insights from hundreds of well-known philanthropists, thought leaders and advisors in the philanthropy and family wealth professions. Ottinger develops a legacy planning framework to help translate goals into measurable action for achieving high levels of personal fulfilment and social impact. He also provides insights into the latest trends in philanthropy, and examines the likely impact on the civil sector of the $100 trillion of wealth that is transferring from today's baby boomers to future generations.  

  • Family philanthropy
  • Inspirational donations
  • Philanthropy Advice
  • Promoting philanthropy