The Non-Profit Sector: A Research Handbook (2007)

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Walter W. Powell & Richard Steinberg (Eds) New Haven & London: Yale University Press, February 2007. 659pp, Hardback. ISBN 978-0-300-10903-0 £40.00

The first edition of Powell's Research Handbook has been an essential source of reference since it was first published in 1987. This new edition is thoroughly updated and includes two chapters of particular interest to people working in the philanthropy sector. Paul G. Schervish, John J. Havens and Mary A. O'Herlihy's chapter on 'Charitable Giving: How Much, by Whom, to What and How?' uses US data but provides an analysis that is of wider interest. A subsequent chapter, 'Why do People Give?' By Lise Vesterlund reviews a range of motivational theories in search of practical conclusions that enhance understanding of giving behaviours.

  • Charity selection
  • History of philanthropy