A Dictionary of Nonprofit Terms and Concepts (2007)

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David Horton Smith, Robert A. Stebbins and Michael A. Dover Indiana: Indiana University Press, April 2007. 320pp, Cloth. ISBN-13: 978-0-253-34783-1 www.iupress.indiana.edu

This reference work defines more than 1,200 terms and concepts that have been found useful in past research and theory on the non-profit sector. The entries reflect the importance of philanthropy as well as associations, citizen participation, voluntary action, non-profit management, volunteer administration, leisure, and political activities of non-profits. This dictionary is born of a belief that a general theory of the non-profit sector is needed; clarity regarding basic terms and concepts is the first stage in developing such a theory. The authors collaborated with international colleagues in an effort to make the dictionary useful outside North America, though it retains a US-centric outlook. More than 60 pages of bibliography provide an excellent resource for anyone wishing to review the key literature in the field.

  • History of philanthropy
  • Philanthropy Advice