Tomorrow's Philanthropist (2009)

Barclays Wealth, produced in partnership with Ledbury Research, 2009.

Barclays Wealth's Tomorrow's Philanthropist report, produced in partnership with Ledbury Research, builds a compelling picture of the current philanthropic landscape and how the wealthy will engage with charities and causes in the future.

The paper is based on consultation with 500 UK and US-based high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals. In addition, it uses the perspectives and insights of a wider panel of international experts drawn from charity, industry and finance circles.

Tomorrow’s Philanthropist looks at how philanthropic habits are evolving. Set against the backdrop of the global downturn, it is encouraging to see how much of a priority philanthropy has become and will continue to be. The report also indicates that a younger and ambitious type of philanthropist is emerging – a positive sign for causes and charities around the world.

Emma Turner, director of philanthropy at Barclays Wealth, says the report will be of use to a wide variety of readers: “For intermediaries, research like this can make the conversation easier as they have some idea of an individual’s ‘typology’.  For donors, it may allow them to feel more comfortable having a section to fit into, and for charities it may help them focus their fundraising efforts in a way that was harder to do before.”



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