Stewardship is a leading UK charity Donor Advised Fund promoting generous and tax-effective giving.  Its award-winning Philanthropy Services team will partner with you to provide a personalised service that frees you from the complexities of making larger gifts so you can focus on supporting the causes you are passionate about. Services include social impact investing, legacy and estate giving, international grant making, research services and Stewardship’s innovative Donor Advisory Board, which uses the board structure to enable input from family, friends and advisers without the legal burden of charity trusteeship.

Stewardship was founded over a century ago by a small group of Christians who partnered to release generous gifts and financial support to Christian ministries. Today, we help over 30,000 people experience the joy of being generous stewards, giving more than £100 million each year to over 6,000 charities, 4,000 churches and 2,300 Christian workers.

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Nicola Johnson, Chief Philanthropy Officer
+44 (0) 20 8418 8896

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