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Thoughtful Philanthropy

ThoughtfulPhilanthropy offers personalized, professional research to inform your charitable giving.

Thoughtful Philanthropy’s Director, Lauren Janus, works with individuals and couples to understand their passions and priorities for giving to charity. Using her background in the charity sector combined with an MBA, Lauren creates giving reports that help her clients understand the issues behind the causes they care about, and suggests impactful ways to donate.

From climate change to AIDS in Africa, Lauren will map out the players and highlight the strategies organizations are  following to solve the issue you care about. She’ll create an accessible, personalized report for you to take away and consider before deciding which group/s you will give to.

If you are thinking about an issue or cause you’d like to support–whether it’s the obesity epidemic or the endangered sand cat–but want to be really thoughtful in how you give your money away, please get in touch about becoming a client. I’d love to hear what issues you care about.

You can sign up for alerts from Lauren's regular blog, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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