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Chapel & York

Founded in 1997, Chapel & York has always specialised in international fundraising and activities for organisations. We have worked with nearly 500 organisations over the years

Uniquely, in countries where having a local organisation through which donors can tax-effectively make gifts, we both set up and manage dedicated legal entities and have our own Chapel & York organisations. We can thus ensure the right answer for our clients’ needs.

Chapel & York has six C&Y charitable organisations around the world – the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and The Netherlands – which facilitate tax-effective international giving plus provide a platform through which organisations can fundraise without needing to establish their own dedicated entities.

These Chapel & York Foundations provide training and advice about fundraising internationally for their local and regional stakeholders. They also provide benefits to American donors – the US and UK entities are linked as are the Hong Kong and US entities so that American taxpayers can have a UK or HK tax benefit plus a US tax-deduction.

Chapel & York also provides philanthropic advice and guidance to donors who want to establish a philanthropic giving programme

2020 sees a major milestone for Chapel & York in its work for clients with the creation of a dedicated bespoke International Fundraising Department to ensure clients’ international fundraising activities are as successful as possible.

Chapel & York has offices in Mayfair London, New York, New Orleans, Geneva, Amsterdam and Hong Kong, and staff worldwide.

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