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Founded in Bangladesh and now working in eleven countries, we are by some measures the largest non-governmental organisation in the world, an innovator in poverty eradication and a social enterprise offering sustainable pathways out of poverty. Demonstrating the power of a holistic, community-based approach and best known for the scale of our programmes we have created opportunities for 135 million people, mostly women, to create lasting change.

Poor communities are crucial actors and change makers in development and not passive recipients of aid. Working together we design programmes that promote social inclusion through microfinance, education, healthcare, agriculture, livelihood support, legal aid services, community empowerment and profit making social enterprises which feedback into development and take a triple bottom line approach.

BRAC UK works as part of the international BRAC family to raise awareness and funds for our low cost, high impact approach. Developing partnerships in Europe with non-governmental organisations, academics, research institutes, the private sector and governments.

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Lewis Temple

London office:
19 Wootton Street
N16 7DL

0203 434 3071
We want a future where enterprising people are transforming our world for good. We believe that solutions to social problems reside within the people they effect. We find social entrepreneurs with bold solutions to today’s challenges. Through funding and support, we help them to realise their potential and create lasting change.