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William Harvey Research Foundation

William Harvey Research addresses areas of unmet need in pharmacology and the life sciences, with a focus on early-stage research in cardiovascular disease, endocrine disorders, genomics and inflammation.

We exist because funding is limited for early-stage research: very few charities focus on this.  Our research addresses many targets (for common and for rare diseases) where there is at present little or no effective treatment.

Statistics that put our research in perspective include the following: 60% of people over 65 in the UK suffer from heart disease; over 6000 patients are waiting to receive organ transplants, and these usually last on 10-15 years; 350,000 children’s lives are debilitated through heart conditions.

Innovative research at WHR is focussed on the advancement of knowledge and the development of new treatments, with the aim of improving these statistics. 

Our focus on early-stage, pioneering research is performed at world-leading pharmacology centre, the William Harvey Research Institute.  We advance medical knowledge, increase success in clinical trials, and create the potential for new treatments.

WHR’s robust financial model ensures 100% of all donations are used entirely to support research.

William Harvey Research comprises the William Harvey Research Foundation (the charitable arm), William Harvey Research Institute, and William Harvey Research Limited.

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Kuki Taylor, Development Manager
Withers LLP
Withers is experienced in the fields of not-for profit and charity law and tax advice. Their philanthropy and charitable giving team has extensive experience of finding the most appropriate way of achieving clients' philanthropic aspirations in their differing circumstances.
Worcestershire Community Foundation

Worcestershire Community Foundation aim to create a sustainable grants programme for the county, therefore ensuring present and future generations have the support to improve their life opportunities.


specking+partners enhances sustainable development on the basis of a systemic approach. Our clients are wealthy individuals, families, family offices, charitable giving structures, corporations and organisations. We advise and coach them in their endeavour to act more responsibly. We inspire and establish innovative ways of integrating long-term practices into private and business routines. We aim to support personal well-being and overall business success in the context of a more sustainable present and future.

Key topics are philanthropic initiatives, social entrepreneurial mechanisms, socially responsible and environmentally viable investments, corporate social responsibility and sustainable leadership practices. We guide you through the process of devising, realizing and implementing new strategies into your private activities and business routine.

specking+partners’ approach is to identify and learn with a holistic view, looking at the whole spectrum of opportunities. We aspire to guide our clients from a social responsible perspective not only in their personal matters, but also in their business engagements.

An intelligent strategy anticipates pertinent factors systemically and implements solutions in a focussed manner over time – with qualified partners and peers playing their parts.

How we add value:

  • Using our expertise and knowledge to let you uncover and build your own plan with respect to social responsible topics
  • Identifying where and how you should begin
  • Working with you whilst you implement your plan, helping you to measure the impact you are having and optimize activities
  • Giving you access to our broad network of specialist partners
  • Administrating, advising or sitting on the board of your charitable structure or company
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Heiko Specking

specking+partners gmbh
Kanonengasse 17, 8004 Zürich

+41 76 575 52 28


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