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The relationship between wealth and philanthropy is a subtle one. Aristotle may have described wealth as ‘whatever money can buy’, but that is not how we view it today. Wealth...
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We at the Arcus Foundation couldn’t be happier to sponsor this issue of Philanthropy Impact and in doing so facilitate a dialogue on such an important issue as evaluation. This...
Welcome to Issue 10 of the Philanthropy Impact Magazine. We are at an exciting moment in the history of philanthropy and social investment. Measuring return on philanthropic and social investment...
Magazine article
In this article the author explores the strategy Arcus Foundation adopted and how they are exercising leadership and assessing its impact.
News (UK)

Bristol-based Triodos Corporate Finance raised more than £17m in 2015, taking the total capital raised on behalf of clients in the last five years to £72m. 

News (International)

The European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) is being launched in January 2016. As an umbrella initiative for community foundations it will be active throughout Europe, working...