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Exploring impact investing on the capital markets for family offices: Connecting money with values at scale.

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In this article the author explores how communities aim to develop long-term income sources and relationships as well as delivering social, economic and/ or environmental returns through social investment.
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In this article the author explore how impact investors are identifying creative new ways to invest in women’s economic empowerment by investing in social enterprises owned by women.
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AVPN annual conference will run from 23rd to 25th May 2016, and focus...

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Navigating in a time of economic recession and decreased public funding to the third sector, charities find themselves under heavy scrutiny as critical voices claim a disproportional amount of resources...
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The Long View of Philanthropy As we approach our 50th Anniversary in 2019, the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) has moved from a pure building preservation charity to become a membership...
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Download this article as a PDF. L ike all smaller charitable associations, ours is dependent on various constituents for financial support as well as relying on the volunteers and help...