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Comprehensive research into UK charitable giving habits has revealed that more people are giving via regular donations and other planned giving, while cash donations to charities fell in 2007/08.

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Charitable donations have gone up by 4.2% in Northern Ireland, since 2005, according to a new survey from the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA).

The Northern...

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The second volume of Charity Market Monitor 2008, launched this week, found that there was a real annual increase of 10% in trust giving and 2% in corporate giving in...

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The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has reported a 17% increase in donations year-on-year.

More than £1m was given every day through CAF to more than 45,000 charities in...

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The financial crisis is unlikely to reduce levels of giving, according to a report from Irish management consultants, 2into3.

Looking at past stock market crises in the United States, the report,...

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Warren Buffett has topped a list of the 50 most generous billionaires in the US.

The Giving Index, produced by Condé Nast Portfolio magazine, ranks philanthropists...

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Charities may lose out on direct debit donations because of the financial situation, according to a new poll.

A survey from G2 Data Dynamics found that 31% of consumers would cut...

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Fundraisers should treat female philanthropists differently from male philanthropists to build successful relationships, according to Nicky Macintyre, chief executive of Mama Cash, the international women’s fund.


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When Wall Street sneezes, the impact often is felt far beyond the isle of Manhattan.

Many savers, investors and home-owners around the globe are feeling the effects of the current tumult...

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Giving from women exceeded giving from men in America for the first time last year.

A study of new data on gift tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in...