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News (International, UK)

US philanthropist and legal scholar Arthur R. Miller has promised a gift of around 1,800 prints by Japanese artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi to the British Museum.


News (International)

US billionaire T. Boone Pickens will donate $63m (£38m) to Oklahoma State University (OSU) for the renovation of their football stadium.

The gift will bring Pickens’ total donation for the renovation...

News (International, UK)

The financial crisis is unlikely to reduce levels of giving, according to a report from Irish management consultants, 2into3.

Looking at past stock market crises in the United States, the report,...

News (International)

Warren Buffett has topped a list of the 50 most generous billionaires in the US.

The Giving Index, produced by Condé Nast Portfolio magazine, ranks philanthropists...

News (International)

Hansjörg Wyss, a Swiss-born entrepreneur, has pledged $125m (£72m) to Harvard University to create the Hansjörg Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Wyss’s gift, which is the...

News (International)

Paul Newman, who died on 26th September, was an era-defining figure in twentieth-century Hollywood cinema. His philanthropic legacy may last even longer.

Newman used his celebrity and success to help others,...

News (International)
When Wall Street sneezes, the impact often is felt far beyond the isle of Manhattan.

Many savers, investors and home-owners around the globe are feeling the effects of the current tumult...

News (International)

William Gross, who owns one of the world’s largest stamp collections, will sell his British Empire stamp collection for charity.

The auction, on 3rd October...

News (International)

Senators Barack Obama and John McCain have mobilised support for the victims of Hurricane Gustav.

McCain volunteers joined with Target, FedEx, and the Red Cross to send 80,000 ‘comfort packages’ to...

News (International)

Ethnic Supplies, the social enterprise founded by Ugandan philanthropist Ida Horner, is proving a success only one year after she founded the organisation.

Founded in October...