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A call for a new independent body to scrutinise charities’ performance and effectiveness has received a mixed response from the sector and been dismissed by Government.
In his speech to...

News (International)

Sixteen of the 50 U.S. philanthropists in Business Week’s (US) annual list of Most Generous Givers gave over $100m this year, nine donated $200m or more, and one gave $723m...


Offering online giving options could increase donor loyalty, new research in the US shows.

A charitable gift survey recently conducted by The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University in the US...


The Goldman Sachs Group has announced the establishment of Goldman Sachs Gives, a donor advised fund.

The firm's partners have agreed to commit a part of their overall compensation to charitable...


Venture philanthropy charity Pilotlight, which offers free business advice to charities, has announced plans to expand over the next three years to achieve a nationwide reach. In September, it opened...


JPMorgan has launched a microfinance unit as part of its emerging markets strategy.

Christina Leijonhufvud, head of JPMorgan's new Social Sector Finance unit (SSF), told the Financial Times: "This is a...


Venture philanthropy charity Impetus Trust has formed a partnership with Isis Equity Partners. Isis will provide both financial support and operational expertise to build capacity for charites backed by Impetus....

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A survey of 900 US foundations indicates an increase in spending in 2007 on “direct charitable activities” that complement grant-making.

The report, “More Than Grantmaking: A First Look at Foundations’ Direct...


The new Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill, which was set in motion during the Queen’s speech last week, will not include two key elements proposed by two commissions.



South-East Asia’s first Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (CSEP) will be opened by the National University of Singapore Business School (NUSBS) in early 2008.