A History of the Barrow Cadbury Trust: Constancy and Change in Quaker Philanthropy (2013)

Merlin Waterson and Samantha Wyndham with a foreword by Professor Sir David Cannadine
Barrow Cadbury Trust
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March 2013

A lively history that traces the story of the Barrow Cadbury Trust. Since its foundation in 1920 the Barrow Cadbury Trust has been in the vanguard of social change. Inspired by Quaker beliefs and a vision for a more just society, the trust’s founders Barrow and Geraldine Cadbury used their increasing wealth, drawn from the famous chocolate company, to tackle profound social ills, including juvenile crime and urban poverty.

Standing apart from other philanthropists, even rejecting the term itself and the patronage it implied, Barrow and Geraldine were influential social reformers who worked ceaselessly to improve the communities around them.

A History of the Barrow Cadbury Trust: Constancy and Change in Quaker Philanthropy, by Merlin Waterson and Samantha Wyndham, tells the story of their groundbreaking work, first in Birmingham and the West Midlands and later elsewhere in the United Kingdom and overseas. The book also describes how subsequent generations of the Cadbury family have ensured that the work of the trust has continued to evolve with the changing social context, straddling the creation of the welfare state for which they had long argued.

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