My Impact - Fundamentals of Modern Philanthropy

Centre for Social and Sustainable Products (CSSP)
May 2014

My Impact - Fundamentals of Modern Philanthropy was launched in London at Impact Investing – Doing Well by Doing Good. It aims to advise family offices, HNWIs, asset managers and owners, NGOs and intermediaries on a number of key issues in modern attitudes to philanthropy.

In their presentations, Christoph Dreher, Managing Director, CSSP AG Liechtenstein, Dr Andreas Hoepner, Senior Academic Fellow, UNPRI & Professor, Henley Business School, and Jérôme Audran, Investment Manager, Symbiotics SA, spoke about global Microfinance initiatives, impact investing, inclusive finance and philanthropy. 
The event also contained a panel debate about “The Two Dimensions of Impact Investing” moderated by Martina Macpherson, Managing Partner, Sustainable Investment Partners. Expert panel speakers included John Pepin, CEO, Philanthropy Impact, and Sarah Forster, Deputy CEO & Director of Development at Big Issue Invest. 

This book is tagged under:

  • Giving networks / circles
  • Impact measurement
  • Next generation philanthropy
  • Philanthropy Advice
  • Philanthropy stats & trends
  • Promoting philanthropy
  • Social investment
  • Understanding philanthropy
  • Venture philanthropy