Pioneering Philanthropy (2013)

Carnegie UK Trust
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£10 (inc p&p)
April 2013

To mark their centenary, the Carnegie UK Trust has launched Pioneering Philanthropy. The book describes the broad range of work which the Trust has been involved with and highlights the Trust's contribution to the physical, social and cultural landscape of the UK and Ireland.

It is illustrated with material from their archives, tells stories of pioneering initiatives throughout the UK and Ireland, and shows how the Trust has been involved with many developments which have shaped the world we live in today. The book is available to purchase through our website.

While not aiming to be a comprehensive history of the Trust, the book uses case studies to illustrate the way the Trust has worked over the years, how it has responded to changing economic and social conditions, and to demonstrate the principles underpinning its work. They have been particularly keen to reflect the importance of the Trust’s relationship with partner organisations, some of which the Trust was involved in creating, while others have been key partners in achieving shared goals and in promoting the wellbeing of the people of the UK and Ireland.

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  • History of philanthropy
  • Inspirational donations
  • Trusts & foundations