2018 UK Donor-Advised Fund Report

November 2018
National Philanthropic Trust UK
The 2018 UK Donor-Advised Fund Report reveals record growth in donor-advised funds (DAFs).  
  • Charitable assets in DAF accounts totalled more than £1.32 billion in 2017, a 24 per cent increase compared to £1.06 billion in 2016.  This represents the fastest year-over-year growth in the last five years.  The increase is a result of both contributions and gains from investment returns.
  • Grants from DAFs to charitable organisations totalled £319.2 million, a 15 per cent increase compared to £276.9 million in 2016. This is the largest total grant amount in the last five years.
  • Contributions to DAF accounts totalled £481.1 million, a 36 per cent increase compared to £353.6 million in 2016.  This is an all-time high, and represents a faster growth rate than previous years.
The report reaffirms that DAFs are the modern tool for philanthropy in the UK.  Advisors, including lawyers and accountants, are recognizing and recommending DAFs because they eliminate many of the burdens of operating a separate charitable entity.  The DAF sponsors take care of the compliance, management and administration, enabling donors to focus on giving, be it in the UK or around the world.
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